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Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida Miami-Dade Police Nightlife Miami Beach Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport Jet Window Over Miami Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Backyard Beautification: How to Create a Backyard Oasis

There is much to be said for a verdant, well-manicured lawn, but Florida’s climate offers so many possibilities for homeowners to beautify personal outdoor space. Think about how to create a backyard oasis with these handy tips. Privacy A traditional oasis is a fertile area with a good water supply in an otherwise arid landscape. […]

Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida

Hyde Park is an historic neighborhood and district located within the city limits of Tampa ...

Miami-Dade Police

Miami-Dade Police officer working in Florida.

Nightlife Miami Beach

Outdoor bar at The Clevelander at the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Drive.

Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport

A view of the Miami skyline facing East from hotel balcony at Hilton Miami Airport.

Jet Window Over Miami

Excitement builds for snowbirds at the first sight of the snow-free landscape of Florida ...

Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Miami skyline with cruise ships in the foreground and storm clouds in the background.

How to Let People Know Your Business is Open

During this trying time of a global pandemic, many businesses and families are hurting economically. Two problems nearly all businesses are facing are mandatory shutdowns and temporary restrictions. For example, restaurants can no longer offer dine-in service and must alert customers if they will be open for delivery and take-out meals. One way to communicate […]

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Tips for Practicing Golf at Home: Swinging Drills, Putting, Swinging, Exercises

Florida is one of the nation’s top destinations for golf because of its warm climate, so it’s no surprise that the sport is so popular here. But while nothing beats getting onto the course and playing a round, you don’t always have that option due to outside circumstances, whether that be poor weather or the […]

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Ways Cities Can Plan for Population Growth

Florida has always been a popular state for vacationers; however, over the years, Florida’s become a popular state in which to reside. Florida has seen exceptional population growth in recent years with no signs of slowing. Luckily, Florida prepared for the population growth, but has your city? Take a look at some of the ways […]

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Three Ways Weather Can Damage Your Home

The weather in Florida can be unpredictable, to say the least. One minute the sun is shining and the next there’s a monsoon bearing down on you. Plus, let’s not forget the oppressive heat and humidity. It’s a lot to deal with. Those swings can take a toll on you and your home. Weather, be […]

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Benefits of Being Outdoors for Seniors

You may have initially moved down to Florida after retiring because of the nice weather, but now you’re finding that getting up and going outside feels like more trouble than it’s worth. Rest is important, but too much can be bad for your health. Balancing your lifestyle with some physical activity and fresh air is […]

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Washing Your Car

Summer is right around the corner. Soon, car enthusiasts can drive down the interstate with the top down and have the sun shine upon them. However, nothing will kill the vibe of a leisurely cruise more than a dirty vehicle. Car lovers know how important it is to wash your vehicle regularly. Yet, most people […]

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Managing Common Everyday Safety Hazards Around the Home in Florida

You may think danger mostly lurks outside, but you can find some potential perils right in your own house. You should be aware of these so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent any harm to yourself or anyone who lives with you. Here are some common safety hazards around the home. Carbon […]

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How to Maintain Your Outdoor Space

The Florida weather means people get to use their backyards nearly year-round. Unlike Northern folks, Floridians don’t get a break from backyard maintenance. Outdoor spaces require a lot of upkeep and effort to remain useable and pristine. Check out this guide on how to maintain your backyard year-round. Regularly clean your hardscaping Hardscaping is an […]

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What to Wear to a Military Ball (Hint: Class)

Military service members and their spouses, significant others, and dates look forward to the annual military ball. Each service branch usually holds a formal ball once a year. Here in Florida, service and service support organizations have held them in Pensacola and elsewhere. Service support organizations hold balls to celebrate active duty service members, veterans, […]

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Questions to Ask a Used Car Salesperson Before Making a Purchase

One of the biggest risks of buying a used vehicle is that it can be difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. The vehicle has an entire history and awareness of that history is important if you want to avoid potential issues or unexpected repair expenses. To avoid experiencing unexpected problems, it’s important to ask […]

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Tips for Patios, Beds, and Lawns

Everyone likes a good home that’s aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. With these expectations, homeowners strive for the perfect house. This leads to rising maintenance costs as well as countless hours spent on renovations and upkeep. This is especially profound in a home’s exterior—their lawns can greatly boost curb appeal. Interestingly, these homeowners can cut […]

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Most Popular Amenities for Landlords to Provide

Where there’s new construction of rental property, or landlords looking to fill vacancies in rental or vacation homes, certain amenities have more pull for prospective tenants. The most popular amenities for landlords to provide include: In-Unit Appliances An in-unit washer-dryer saves tenants a trip to the laundromat or the laundry room. While many renters love […]

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