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Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida Miami-Dade Police Nightlife Miami Beach Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport Jet Window Over Miami Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Varmints You Can Hunt at Night in Florida

Danger never rests, and varmints never sleep. Well, not at night, at least, judging by the chaos they wreak in the wee hours. Wild predators are annoying, but they do a lot of damage, too: They gobble up livestock, pets, adorable baby deer, and garbage. Plus, they carry mange, viruses, and rabies. Get to know […]

Backyard Beautification: How to Create a Backyard Oasis

There is much to be said for a verdant, well-manicured lawn, but Florida’s climate offers so many possibilities for homeowners to beautify personal outdoor space. Think about how to create a backyard oasis with these handy tips. Privacy A traditional oasis is a fertile area with a good water supply in an otherwise arid landscape. […]

Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida

Hyde Park is an historic neighborhood and district located within the city limits of Tampa ...

Miami-Dade Police

Miami-Dade Police officer working in Florida.

Nightlife Miami Beach

Outdoor bar at The Clevelander at the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Drive.

Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport

A view of the Miami skyline facing East from hotel balcony at Hilton Miami Airport.

Jet Window Over Miami

Excitement builds for snowbirds at the first sight of the snow-free landscape of Florida ...

Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Miami skyline with cruise ships in the foreground and storm clouds in the background.

Tips for a Winter-Ready Florida Home

The winters in Florida are much milder compared to other places in the United States. However, cold snaps and frigid temperatures can still plague Florida residents in the dead of winter. As the colder months approach, check out these tips for a winter-ready Florida home. Clear Gutters and Downspouts Debris can easily clog your gutters […]

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How Can Landlords Improve Communication With Tenants?

With new rental home communities popping up and the Florida real estate market in flux, there’s never been more competition for tenants—much less tenants that are trouble-free or relatively sane. So when you have a lessee that you love, make sure they’ll stick around. Whether you have long-term units or seasonal vacancies, it’s a good […]

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Top Improvements for Florida Homes

Your home is likely your biggest investment. You may hope to live there for decades to come. Yet, even if you have no intention of selling, maintaining and improving your home can add value that would come in handy if you ever do want to downsize. Consider these top improvements for Florida homes. Maximizing Natural […]

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Top Benefits To Community Playgrounds

As a child, there is nothing better than playing at the park. The top benefits to community playgrounds include giving kids a place to play in the warm Florida weather, as well as being a fun and safe place for kids to stay active. While not all parks and playgrounds may be open right now […]

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Tips New Homeowners Want To Know

Becoming a homeowner is an exciting phase in anyone’s life. It can be a bit daunting, too. There are so many things to learn and know that you may not have any idea where to even begin. If that’s the case for you, read this article and follow our tips. These tips new homeowners want […]

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Must-Have Features for Houses in Florida

The climate in Florida has a significant effect on the houses that are built here. They should have designs that work well in the warmth and stand strong in storms, but this isn’t always the case. When looking to purchase or upgrade a home, you may want to know what characteristics to look for or […]

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3 Ways To Add Color To Freshen up Your Patio

The Florida sun can be punishing, so it’s not surprising if your backyard looks particularly uninspiring lately. There are a lot of signs that your patio needs an update: The cement is cracking, or there’s a dark moss under the table umbrella, or maybe even the iguanas are taking the long way to avoid your […]

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How To Keep Your Car from Overheating

Anyone living in Florida knows that it gets hot and humid. The heat and sun can damage anything given enough time, especially cars. Car and truck engines, especially diesel engines, can overheat in the extreme heat of Florida. Car owners should take care of their vehicles to make sure they don’t overheat, which can damage […]

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Ways To Reduce Stress While Driving

Unlike the big cities of the Northeast that grew along railroads, Florida was developed with the automobile in mind. But one thing no one had in mind was how quickly our state’s population would grow. The mass migration south has called for additional lanes, new highways , and an ever-growing number of cars on the […]

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Top Alternative Options to Central Air

In the Florida heat, finding efficient ways to cool one’s home is essential. Currently, central air has more or less become the standard for home cooling. However, homeowners should be aware that it isn’t the only option. If your home doesn’t have central air, or maybe if you’re just looking for a more efficient way […]

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Interior Design Tips for Beginners: Furniture Placement, Color Combinations

When furniture placement, color combinations, and other interior design choices are made by those without the proper knowledge, it can create a mess of problems. Luckily, learning about interior design isn’t as daunting as it may seem. These interior design tips for beginners will teach you how to create effective visual appeal and cohesion in any room. […]

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Tips for Designing a Stylish Living Room

A living room is where you spend a lot of your time at home. It’s the place for the family to gather and spend quality time bonding. A living room needs to be cozy, stylish, set up for conversation, and ready to entertain—that’s a lot to ask of a single room. To improve the usability […]

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