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Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida Miami-Dade Police Nightlife Miami Beach Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport Jet Window Over Miami Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Hyde Park Village Tampa, Florida

Hyde Park is an historic neighborhood and district located within the city limits of Tampa ...

Miami-Dade Police

Miami-Dade Police officer working in Florida.

Nightlife Miami Beach

Outdoor bar at The Clevelander at the corner of 10th Street and Ocean Drive.

Miami Skyline from Hilton Miami Airport

A view of the Miami skyline facing East from hotel balcony at Hilton Miami Airport.

Jet Window Over Miami

Excitement builds for snowbirds at the first sight of the snow-free landscape of Florida ...

Miami Cruise Ships in Port During Storm

Miami skyline with cruise ships in the foreground and storm clouds in the background.

7 of the Best Places to Retire Around the World

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for years—retirement. You finally get to stop working and can start enjoying your newfound freedom. Take this opportunity to embrace all the world has to offer and pick an area that will interest you for years to come. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places to retire […]

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Exterior Home Design Trends to Look Out for This Year

Whether you decide it’s time for a new paint job or make a resolution to stay top of your lawn maintenance this year, keeping the exterior of your home presentable is crucial to preserving its value. This responsibility extends to the overall design of your home as well. Keeping up with exterior home design trends—and […]

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Advancements of Solar Energy in Florida: Why They’re Important

The use of solar energy is growing rapidly every year. In fact, by the end of 2019, solar and wind power could make up more than 10 percent of U.S. energy generation. In the past, Florida has not lived up to its potential when it comes to utilizing solar energy. In 2017, only 0.4 percent […]

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4 of the Best Dog-Friendly Parks in Florida

Florida is overflowing with friendly dog owners, so it’s essential for communities to have parks that appeal to both humans and pets. We share four of the best dog-friendly parks in Florida. Diogi Dog Park Located in Mulberry, Florida, Diogi Dog Park is a clean, safe, and open park for pooches of all sizes. The […]

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How to Plan a Disney Vacation in Just Six Steps

Are you unsure about how to plan a Disney vacation? We get it—there’s a lot to think about, so the process can seem overwhelming at first. Thankfully, we’re here to help! In six simple steps, you can organize a trip you and your family will always remember.   Step One: Keep Things Organized As you’re […]

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A Look at the First Underwater Museum in Florida

When observing wildlife’s reaction to artificial reefs one day, artist Allison Wickey was hit with a burst of inspiration. It was then that she first conceptualized the Underwater Museum of Art, abbreviated as UMA, which eventually became the first underwater museum in Florida. A collaboration between the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County and the […]

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5 Best Places to Rent Your Next Home in Florida

Home to Disney World and Universal Studios, Florida is an attractive vacation destination. However, it also offers a lot of perks for its full-time residents. No matter where you choose to rent, you will almost certainly experience the rich history and beautiful weather that so many Florida inhabitants love. 5 of the Best Places to […]

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3 Spring Flower Festivals in Florida You Should Attend

The spring season is finally here and bringing some beautiful spring colors to your garden is a crucial activity for the upcoming months. Brightening up your yard is an essential exercise for anyone with a green thumb. One way to get a few gardening ideas is to visit flower festivals. April showers do indeed bring […]

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Learn and Explore with Nature Preserves in Jacksonville

We all know about the creatures that live in our backyards, but we don’t usually stop to think about where they fall on the food chain or what part they play in the local ecosystem. Preserved lands across the Jacksonville area are rich with culture, history, and wildlife. All these nature preserves in Jacksonville will […]

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The Best Places to Stay in the Florida Keys

Far beyond what your eye can see lies a strip of tiny islands called the Florida Keys—otherwise known as Key West. If you’re ever lucky enough to travel to this piece of paradise, we provided some of the best places to stay in the Florida Keys. Luxury Tranquility Bay Beachfront Luxury is a promise at […]

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9 Essential Spring Break Safety Tips Everyone Should Know in Florida or Anywhere

Spring break brings relaxation, fun memories, and hopefully a trip somewhere warm and inviting. Here are nine spring break safety tips that will help make your trip one you’ll want to remember. For many Spring Break 2019 is over but take note of safe tips learned over the years about Spring Break. Essential Spring Break Safety Tips […]

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Florida Cities Temperatures and National Weather Service Information • SUN MAR 31, 2019 10:14 PM CT

Big contrast in temperatures north to south Sunday and Sunday March 31, 2019 as rain bands are in north Florida. Florida Temperatures … Key West 74°F Miami 75°F Tampa Bay 72°F St Petersburg 72°F Orlando 74°F Lakeland 72°F Melbourne 73°F Jacksonville 62°F Tallahassee 53°F Pensacola 51°F Highlight floridacardinal.com/floridatemperatures Arlingtoncardinal.com/ustemps Great weather is in store for […]

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