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The Hunt for Burmese Pythons in Florida Yields Results

While on the hunt for pythons one chilly March morning in Florida, Mike Kimmel was about to pack it in and head home. Then he saw a python over on the levee. By Burmese python standards, it was not too big at 7 ft., but it ended up being a historic catch.   Mike caught […]

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Bufo Toad Infestation Problem Reported in Palm Beach Gardens in South Florida

Dr. Myles Rowley of Stuart Sound Animal Hospital speaks on the dangers that bufo toads pose to pets. There has been a recent infestation of poisonous Bufo Toads, or Cane Toads, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The infestation is believed be caused by recent warm weather and heavy rains. Hundreds or thousands of very small […]

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FWC Approves New Shore-Based Shark Fishing Regulations

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is going to implement a statewide ban on chumming in July of 2019 to address shore-based shark fishing concerns. Chumming refers to a widely-used fishing process that involves dumping chopped up fish parts, bones, and blood into the water to attract marine life. The final decision by the […]

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So Cold in Florida: 20 Years Since Turtles Were Cold Stunned Like Today

NASA scientists, teamed up with conservationists, have come to the rescue of hundreds of turtles from unusually cold water temperatures off Cape Canaveral, Florida.

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